If you don’t have many customers, then the more you will need a SMS system to help you to attract more customers effectively at a low cost. Quoting Janice Hughes of Share Guide Publisher, Experts agree that marketing isn’t something you can afford to give up when you are experiencing lean times. Many people make the mistake of cutting back on marketing at the very time when they most need it. If business is down, you need to do more than just pray that it will pick back up. In other words, you can’t afford not to market your business. One of many examples how SMS Marketing could help to generate greater sales, would be through a simple act of setting up an advertisement banner, and having the potential customers to response to you automatically via sms. Results have shown that this simple act could attract large numbers of new customers, as seem by big organizations undertaking this same marketing strategy. Today, it is not just an era where one competes on whose products and services is better, but also, competing on who has the ability reach the customers at a faster speed, and who has a better relationship with the customers. Will you want to connect and build a closely knit relationship with your customers? Will you want to expand your business and friendship network faster? If yes, then you would need a system to help you to tap on this upcoming marketing trend to attract new customers.