(1) Address your customer by their name

  • What is the most beautiful marketing word in the world that you can use to relate to a person? Yes, this person’s name. His/her name is the most important and most beautiful word in his/her world. Simple.
SMS Text Without Name
SMS Text With Personal Salutation (Addressing By Name)

“You are cordially invited to…”

“Dear Peter, you are cordially invited to…”

(2) Short and sweet

  • Less is More for SMS marketing campaign
  • If your SMS text is 200 words, see if you can make it 160 words or even lesser.
  • You need to catch your customers’ attention in the shortest time. At one glance, they must know what you want to tell them, and not a long story. Appreciate that customers are busy people too, and being short & concise is a virtue.

Long SMS Text  Short & Sweet Text

“It comes with very user friendly functions that definitely meet your needs, and so easy that…”

“Very easy to use…” 

“We are confident of the products quality and to ensure that you will be satisfied, if you are unhappy for whatsoever reasons within 7 days, we will give you money back…”

“7 days money back guarantee…”

(3) What is it in it for me?

  • It is never truer that people are more interested in “What Is It In For Me”..
  • Stop telling them only what you have, just tell them what is it for them (i.e. the benefits)
  • A little difference, making a huge difference in your results

SMS Text SMS Text Answering “What Is In It For Your Customers “

“…makes of latest technology with all natural ingredients like Korean ginseng, gingko nuts, grapes seeds…”

“Use it to lose 5 kg in 2 wks…” 

(4) Send SMS blast in small bulk until …

  • Yes, we know that you want to send almost like ALL the contacts you have in 1 single go, which of course the SMS software can easily do it. BUT wait…..
  • Have you tested your SMS content effectiveness? If you are not getting SMS marketing results, stop doing the same thing and expect different results. You have to find out what attracts your customers, what make they act, etc.
  • Consider blasting similar SMS text but with different key words/phrases in smaller batch of say 50-100. Then wait an hour after SMS blasting to see if anyone responds positively – any sales inquiry calls, any incoming SMS asking for more details. You can set 3-5 variations of SMS text for testing. Repeat the process to find out which SMS text works best.

  • Once you get to know what type of SMS text gets you the best results, you can send SMS in larger quantity. Just make sure to take into consideration of sufficient manpower to handle the sales inquires.

(5) Call For Action

  • Do you want your customers to go to your shop today? Do you want your customers call your toll-free line? When do you want your customers to act? Is there a validity period? When will the event/promotion ends?
  • Be clear and let your customers – what, how, when, who. Direct and precisely.

(6) Instant SMS response

(7) “Remember” your customer at the right time

  • Your customer has bought something from you, and will they need to buy again maybe in 2 week, 3 months, 1 year, or 5 years later? You know approximately when they will need your products/services again. Are you there for your customers when they need your service/products, or will you let these customers leave you unknowingly? Help your customers to help you in doubling your sales!
  • Example – Real Estate. You have closed a 1 year bungalow rental deal. Schedule an SMS now for future sending like 1-2 months before this rental expires to find out if your customer needs your help again in extending their rental, or find a new unit, or even buy a new house. You know when they need you, and so don’t let the ready customers slip away unknowingly. You may be too busy later or totally forget about this customer when time lead is too long, so why take chance in maybe will forget to follow up and lose the sales? Let our Mass SMS system do it automatically for you at the right time.
  • Find out more SMS scheduling works >>>

(8) The MOST impactful day!!!

  • On this very day, they will love to see your SMS
  • On this very day, they will remember who have send them SMS and even double/triple read your SMS
  • Which day? Others may have already secretly used it to double their sales? Yes!!!! It’s your customers’ birthday.
  • You can send on the exact birth date.
  • You can send a 1 to 3 days before the birthday month arrives (eg: send on 31Dec for clients born in Jan). Be the 1 st few to surprise your customers that you remember that their birthday is coming soon. It is easier to monitor sales results because the promotions/special birthday deals will all expire on the same period. Example: All Jan birthdays will enjoy the special birthday deals valid till 31Jan, and you only need to monitor how the sales at end of 31Jan.
  • In the birthday greeting text, express your wishes for them and of course what you offer them for their birthday as a gift to them eg: buy 1 get 1 free, 20% discount, free mystery gift etc. Do give customers enough time to slot in schedule to patronize you…you know your customers can be really busy people, so give them ample time like whole of their birthday month.
  • An example of the SMS text can be “Dearest Susie, Happy Birthday in advance! XYZ boutique wishes you beauty and health. In celebration of your birthday, simply show this SMS and your member card to any of our outlets to enjoy a 20% discount on your birthday month. Once again, Happy Birthday! See you.”
  • Find out more SMS organizer works >>>

(9) The golden blasting seasons

  • Every festive season is the season to double your sales.
  • People are generally is at their better/best mood during festive period, so strike while the mood is right.
  • Sincerely greet your customers for the respective seasons, and then share what you have to offer. Your customers can feel your sincerity through the language of the SMS text you used. It is an opportunity of doubling sales, fostering relationship, and creating a closely knitted relationship.

(10) Use impactful phrases

  • Using the right words will bring you the right results. Some powerful phrases for your reference:

Promotion / Offers
Affordable cost
Free offer 
All items must be sold
Get an advance look 
An Early Bird Special
Get two for the price of one 
An incredible offer
Half price 
An offer you can’t refuse
Has never been more affordable 
At a fraction of the cost
Hurry, offer end today 
At a price that you may surprise you
Last chance to…
Blowout sale. Everything must go!
Last 3 days. Hurry!
Buy one, get one free
Limited time offer
Call for your free sample / free trial/ free sample
Lowest price
Competitively priced
100% satisfaction
Don’t missed out this special sale
Priced to sell
Enroll now
Special Anniversary Offer
Free consultation
Yours free with any purchase
A superb value
Great value for money
Absolutely free
High perceived value
Act now. The savings won’t last forever
Honest savings
Added value
Hot buys
Affordable luxury
Huge discounts
All the benefits for a faction of the cost
Incredible deals
Amazing values
Irresistibly priced
An exceptional value
Last chance savings
And a whole lot more
Low prices every day
Astounding value
Lowest prices of the year
At a cool, cool price!
Money savings
At a price you’ll appreciate
More for your money
At great prices
New low price
Best for price
No-nonsense prices
For less than you expected
Get more for your money
Save time and money
Great buys
Save you big bucks
A longtime favorite
A name you can trust
Incredible but true
All time favorite
It’s on everyone’s lips
Back by popular demand
Join millions of satisfied users
Best ever
Just try it!
Best for long-term satisfaction
Welcomed by all
You can’t go wrong
Check us out
Your (kids, husband) will love it
A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
Last chance
A unique opportunity
Opportunity knocks
Don’t miss you
Rare opportunity
Experience firsthand
Sign up now
FREE opportunity
The chance of a lifetime
Hard to resist
This year hottest opportunity
Here’s your chance
Will take your breath away

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