BluOcean SMS System uses SIM card (placed in the GSM/GPRS modem) for SMS blasting/campaigns and this is one of the key reasons why a lot of people said it help them to save a lot of money because

SMS Sending Cost Can Be As Low As 1 Cent & Even FREE

1)1 Cent SMS

  • Is there already standard or even lower than 1 cent SMS in your country eg: same telecom to same telecom is 1 cent? Check out your local telecom and you may be surprised.
  • Is there any prepaid card plans where you paid a small sum of money and gets great value for it?
  • Quoting the case in Singapore on how the 1 cent SMS works (prepaid plans) , and in your country it may be similar or even cheaper. In Singapore, prepaid SIM top up card best value for SMS blasting (as at 1Mar’10)
    Name of The Top Up Card Super Hot 128 Happy 128
    Price At Fixed Price Shop $28
    Total Value In The Card

    ($100 for local SMS/call, $28 for overseas SMS / call)

    Normal Price Per SMS $0.0535
    How Many SMS Can I Send If I Use All Local Value ($100) For Sending SMS? $100 / $0.0535 = 1870 SMS
    What Is The Real Cost Of Sending SMS?

    $28 / 1870 SMS = $0.015
    (remember, you paid $28 to send 1870 SMS)

    So It Is Only About 1 Cent Per SMS Yes. We are assuming you are buying the top up card at fixed price, and if you get the same top up cards from some shops that do give discount, your SMS sending cost can even be lower.
    After Utilizing The $100 Local SMS/Call, Can I Still Use The $28 Global SMS/Call Yes, you still have the $28 global SMS/call value remaining which you can still use

2)FREE SMS – Part 1

  • Yes, you have not read this wrongly – It can be FREE!

  • Do your local telecoms give FREE UNLIMITED SMS for sending to the same telecom? Many countries have it. The SMS send to same telecom is FREE. With BluOcean SMS system, you can even configure for it to auto-detect the right telecom prefix and so whenever you send, it will be sending through the SIM card from that telecom. In a nutshell, mobile numbers from telecom 1 will only sent out from SIM card of that telecom 1, and etc, and hence always FREE SMS sending for you.
  • Does your SIM card come with plan with certain quantity of FREE SMS which you never seem to finish using it? You can utilize those for your SMS marketing. Anyway it FREE, you might as well utilize it to generate more sales.
  • Do your local telecoms have FREE UNLIMITED SMS PLAN? Check that out. In some countries, the FREE UNLIMITED SMS may be for commercial or non-commercial.
  • Wow! Have you missed out anything? A lot of Freebies around awaiting you to uncover.

2)FREE SMS – Part 2

  • Welcome to “FREE SMS Part 2”

  • Do you know that in most countries, receiving SMS is FREE?
  • When receiving SMS is FREE, do you know that a lot of companies are doing SMS campaigns (eg: SMS contests, SMS votings) for FREE? When participants submit in their details, you don’t have to pay anything. You get to build a large database of these participates information (eg: in contests, you can ask them to sms in their name, age, gender, email, etc) and you are doing all these for FREE.